New World Order – Living with Pandemic & Climate Change



In this era,  as global viral pandemics and weather upheavals induced by climate change come knocking at our door, the threat of mass extinction has become all too real yet most leaders and citizens of the world seem undisturbed by the urgency of our problem.

To even begin to comprehend the magnitude of the fast-increasing natural disasters striking cities and villages worldwide, we, humans, need to recognize that our obsessive capitalism, consumerism, lack of concern for the welfare of disadvantaged people and our wanton abuse of the environment produced these climate disturbances.

In these challenging times, the best way we can tackle our climate mess is to, first, adapt to it in order to minimize its damage.  Then we need to change our ways, doing our part however small, to stop climate change from further warming the earth’s temperature.  To survive this new world order, we must quickly evolve as smarter-thinking people capable of drastic modification of our self-destructive behaviour.

And how do we respond to climate change?  The answers are all around us, overlapping one another.  Many believe that the destruction of our forests and climate change, both human-induced, brought the Corona Virus out in the open.  The resulting pandemic killed millions of people and brought the world to a standstill.  This pandemic, together with Climate Change, showed us how suddenly vulnerable life is on this planet.  It made us pause, rethink the way we  live.  

On Tribal Blog, as we discuss and probe deeper into our urgent climate dilemma, we’ll touch on the following interconnecting issues to understand better and cope with our current problems:

Global Initiatives on Climate Change

Climate Justice


Health and Immunity

Agriculture & Food Production 




Alternative Fuels



Renewable Energy

And more…