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Tribal Café Espresso Health Bar’s  Mission Satement
 “Healthy Food for the Masses”

Still going strong after more than 10 years, we, at Tribal Cafe, wish to be actively and aggressively engaged in the healthy food movement not only for the health-conscious and the rich that can afford healthier food choices.  We want to impart simple, common-sense healthy food concepts and practices to the less-informed consumers and to underserved communities

Tribal Café:  Long Range Strategic Goal:  To address the global scarcity of food.. to be involved in the research and development of alternative, plant-based food sources which, unlike meat-production, does not entail massive earth-destroying carbon foodprint.   This will be done via Tribal Food Network, Tribal Cafe’s alternative food research and development arm.   Tribal Cafe Espresso Health Bar is expanding its operations via smaller store units in Los Angeles and overseas.   Click here to find out more

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Veggie Bowl

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Veggie Bowl Extra shredded carrots, Ginger-Miso dressing, ground toasted peanuts, sesame seeds & orange slices layered over a hearty blend of the “Veggie Works”, topped w/fresh orange slices, Ginger-Miso dressing & Asian sauce. All Tribal Bowls are served with special ingredients over a generous pile of the “Veggie Works” – rich mix […]

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