Classic Fruit Smoothies


Avocado .  Almonds  .  Almond Butter  .  Ashwagandha  .  Bee Pollen  .  Cacao Nibs  .  Chia Seeds  .  Dates  .  Flax Seeds  .  Goji Berries  .  Fresh Greens  .  Guarana  .  Hemp Seeds  .  Maca  .  Matcha Powder  .  Plant-based Protein  .  Pumpkin Seeds  .  Spirulina  .  Whey Protein  .  Oats – 50c  .  Non-Dairy Milk – 50c 

Mix & Match one or more of these superfoods to your fruit/vegetable/leafy green drinks & meals to nourish your body with the proteins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acid depleted from our system by our modern diet.

S(16oz) – 6.95     M(20oz) – 8.95   

L(24oz) – 10.95   Jumbo (32oz) – 14.95

(SMOO-1) Peaches & Cream

peach, banana, yogurt, cinnamon & milk

(SMOO-2)   tribal Avocado Shake  

fresh avocado, milk, simple syrup   (add espresso – 95c extra) 

(SMOO-3)    Banana Smoothie 

creamy with banana, milk, simple syrup, yogurt 


(SMOO-4)    Berry Me Alive 

blueberries, strawberries, banana, orange. apple juice, yogurt

(add peanut butter – $1 extra) 

(SMOO-5)    Big Squeeze 

orange juice, pineapple, strawberries, banana, simple syrup 

(SMOO-6)  Good Blend  

mango, banana, strawberry, apple, yogurt 

(SMOO-7)  Mango Mix  

mango, pineapple, orange, ginger 

(SMOO-8)  Mango Smoothie  

mango, milk, yogurt …… creamy! 

(SMOO-9)  Melon Cooler (oh,so refreshing!!)   

cantaloupe, simple brown sugar syrup, a drizzle of lemon juice

(SMOO-10)  Peanut Butter Smoothie

banana, chocolate, peanut butter, simple syrup, milk

(SMOO-11)  Strawberry Banana  

w/ orange juice, apple juice & yogurt 


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