Tribal Veggie Burgers ..

Cruelty-Free . Guilt-Free


Most Tribal Veggie Burgers are served with  Lettuce, Tomato, Tribal Garlic Sauce or Vegan (Funky) Cheese Sauce & Chipotle Mayo unless otherwise specified
Artisan Bread Choices:  French Roll, Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain
•    Jalapeno, Pickles & Mustard  are FREE upon request.
•   Add  Avocado or Cheese -  75c

(BRGR-1)   The Post-Punk Tofu Burger
w/ cucumber, carrots, lettuce, peanuts, sesame seeds, raw garlic sauce, asian sauce  6.95
(BRGR-2)   Food not Bomb!  (Blackened Tempeh Burger)
 ancho-chipotle spiced  tempeh, tomato, guacamole, vegan funky cheese sauce   6.95
 (BRGR-3)   Vegan Freak Show  (Mock BBQ Pork Burger)
w/ grilled onions & bell, lettuce, tomato, mustard, cabbage slaw, veganaise  6.95
(BRGR-4)   Naked Lunch  (Glazed Tempeh Burger with Spicy Sauerkraut)
w/ grilled onions, bell, lettuce, tomato, veganaise  6.95
(BRGR-5)   Cruelty-Free Torta  
(Mexican Sandwich w/Fakin’ Chicken or Tempeh)
w/ black beans, salsa roja, cabbage salsa, veganaise, guacamole  6.95
(BRGR-6)   Falafel Burger on Pita Bread
 w/grilled (not fried) all-veggie falafel, olives, peperoncini, cucumber, carrots, bell, parsley, cilantro, fresh corn, tomatoes, red onions, topped with feta cheese, greek dressing, tzatziki sauce   6.95