** We are looking for Open Mic Hosts for music/comedy open mic nights.  If you’re interested, please email Josh at:**


  Sunday Through Thursday (5 Nights/week)   

Sign up – 6:30pm    

Start – 7:00pm  till 10:00pm

You got a Voice. We got a Platform.

(open to  singer-songwriters, bands, all music forms, spoken words, rap, hiphop, comedy, multi-media)


Note:  For those interested in doing mini-shows or mini-events on Saturday or Sunday Afternoon, we have from 4pm to 6:30 pm (3 & 1/2 hours) open for you to book.    For more info, email Josh at:

SUNDAY – 6:30 – 10:00 PM   HOST INFO   HOST INFO
2nd Sunday Night
 Kristoffer Chacon <>
3rd, 4th, 5th sundays
MONDAY   6:30 – 10:00 PM
1st Monday  Matthew Goldin <>
2nd Monday Rogin Kim <>
3rd Monday
4th Monday James Gautier <>
5th Monday  James Gautier <>
TUESDAYS   6:30 – 10:00 PM  
1st   Tuesday
Alexander Vollono <>
2nd Tuesday Shadel H.R.
3rd Tuesday
Rogin Kim <>
4th Tuesday Christina Faith Sullivan <> Adam Aranda
5th Tuesday George Kimmel IV<>
WEDNESDAY .. 6:30 – 10:30 PM
1st Wednesday
George Kimmel IV<
2nd Wednesday
Sage Collins
3rd Wednesday George Kimmel IV<
4th Wednesday
George Kimmel IV<
5th Wednesday  George Kimmel IV<
THURSDAY ….. 6:30 – 10:00 PM
1st Thursday


2nd Thursday

SusieMcD <>

James Gautier <>

SusieMcD <>

3rd Thursday

Tami Montgomery <  Kristoffer Chacon <>
4th Thursday
Keith Baker <
Dr. Lou
5th Thursdays  Kristoffer Chacon <>   .


Contact the Hosts directly if you need more info and to request advanced booking.

For performers and bands who want to do a special show at the cafe, we have Friday and Saturday nights available.  For booking, contact Josh at:

Our open mics are “mixed” open to musicians, bands, spoken words, comics, rap/hiphop, multi-media and other creative forms of self expressions.

To participate, just come in and sign up and the host will schedule your performance for the day/night.  No phone or online sign up.  It’s super easy.. just come in, sign up and perform!!

Sign up time for the night open mics is  6.30 pm thereabouts and

continues through the duration of show.

 There’s a $4 Minimum Purchase Requirement.. so, come in a bit thirsty and/or hungry and.. Please, support the open mics by supporting the cafe..  buy some yelp-recommended food and drinks to keep Echo Park’s biggest open mic event happening FOREVER!!  And.. oh yeah.. don’t forget to bring friends, family, your facebook fan base  and the entire football team.!!!

Just chill and don’t worry.  Participants are given enough time to perform by the host.

 (PA System.  We have a PA System mostly for singers, comics and light musical instruments.  Bands need to bring their own equipment.  For music back up, you can plug in your mobile phones, cd player or whatever playback device to our PA System, just bring with you the appropriate cable connectors.  Our PA System has both female RCA inputs and 1/4-inch female phone jack inputs.  Sorry, we don’t have a piano.  Musicians bring their own keyboards)

** We are looking for Open Mic Hosts for music/comedy open mic nights.  If you’re interested, please email Josh at:**


for Tribal Café’s “Echo Park Open Mic Fest”

we’re looking for an energetic, dynamic host(s) who can do aggressive promotions to bring in new faces to the café and make his/her night the biggest thing that hit echo park!!  also, we’re looking for a host who can reach out to both comics and musicians who can bring in supportive friends and crowd to the cafe.. staying at the café longer to support both the comics and the musicians and the café in general.

it’ll be really awesome if your mic is charged by the electric/eclectic fireworks of both noise and sounds of comedy and music!!  let us know if you’re able to promote aggressively with friends, at other open mics in the city, via social media.. etc.. so you can make your tribal open mic a really happening night?  so let us know if this is something that will excite you!

it’ll be once a month (or more) open mic hosting gig.. and.. there’s no pay involved.. all our hosts do their thing for “love” of their craft and the opportunity to support their fellow artists.. host gets free meal on their night(s).. they can also get donations from the participants if they wish to.. 



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