Nourish Bowls (buddha bowls)

Go for the smarter, healthier meal.  Go for one of our Nourish Bowls.  They are loaded with flavors, colors, textures and the essential proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals & vitamins our body craves for nourishment.


  • Real or Veggie Chicken or Sausage, Tempeh, Tofu, Falafel ($2.00)

  • Poached Egg ($1.50)

  • Poached Egg & Breakfast Potato ($2.00)

  • Avocado (for healthy fatty acid) ($1)

  • Kimchi (loaded with gut-building probiotics) ($1)

  • Omega Seed Sprinkles (Five seeds combined for a naturally healthy blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.: chia, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, shelled hemp, sesame seeds) ($1.50)  

BOWL 1 – Southwest Abundance Bowl 8.95

Quino & Brown Rice Kale Pilaf,  topped with Cuban Black Beans, Roasted Mexican Squash, Thyme-Sweet Potato, Corn kernels, shredded Red Cabbage, fresh Spinach, Red Raddish, Cilantro & Pico de Gallo Salsa. Served with Lime-Cilantro Sauce & Salsa Roja

 Southwest Abundance Bowl with Chicken (real or veggie), Tofu or Tempeh   10.95

 Southwest Abundance Bowl with Breakfast Potates & Poached Egg   10.95

BOWL 2 – Filipino Adobo Bliss Bowl  8.95

Quinoa & Brown Rice Kale Pilaf, layered with shredded Red Cabbage, Spinach, Sweet & New Potato Filipino Adobo, Kimchi, sprinkled with Toasted Peanuts, Red & Green Onions. Served with Lemon slice, Pineapple Cubes, Filipino Adobo Sauce & Salsa Roja

Filipino Adobo Bliss Bowl with Chicken (real or veggie), Tofu or Tempeh   10.95

 Filipino Adobo Bliss Bowl with Breakfast Potato + Poached Egg   10.95


BOWL 3 – Thai Quinoa & Brown Rice Nourish Bowl  $8.95  

Quinoa & Brown Rice Kale Pilaf, topped w/shredded cruciferous Red Cabbage and Spinach, Sweet Potato, Cucumber Noodles, Kimchi, roasted Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Red Pepper Flakes, Cilantro. Served with fresh Orange & Thai Satay Sauce


Thai Quinoa Nourish Bowl with Chicken (real or veggie), Tofu or Tempeh   10.95                

Thai Quinoa Nourish Bowl with Rice Noodle   10.95

 BOWL 4 – Indian Masala Buddha Bowl 8.95    

Quinoa & Brown Rice Kale Pilaf,  Roasted Moroccan Garbanzo, Roasted Green Peas, fresh Spinach, shredded Red Cabbage, cubed Tomatoes, Thyme-Spiced Sweet Potato, roasted Mexican Squash, Pickled Carrots, Cucumber Noodles. Served with Masala Tahini-Turmeric Sauce

Indian Masala Buddha Bowl w/ Chicken (real or veggie), Tofu or Tempeh   10.95 


Bowl 5 – Mediterranean Harvest Bowl  $8.95

Quinoa & Brown Rice Kale Pilaf, roasted Moroccan Garbanzo, grilled Mexican Squash, Cucumber Noodles, shredded Red Cabbage, Pickled Carrots, Pitted Olives & Pepperoncini. Served with Pico de Gallo Salsa, Lemon quarter, Turmeric-Tahini Sauce

Mediterranean Harvest Bowl with Falafel, Tofu, Tempeh or Chicken (real or veggie)   $10.95