Tribal Cafe: Food, Culture and Community
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About Tribal Cafe

So far, the community's reception has been great. Although open with limited hours, the cafe has started to attract the people it intended to serve- the various groups in the community. Joshua Jose, the owner, plus his artist friends who helped out with the cafe's construction, are happy to see that the cafe is slowly but surely developing as a community cafe and not just another big corporation "cafe branch".

The cafe has been getting praise for its unique tribal-themed color, murals, floor motif, and overall design. First time customers comment about the warm, inviting feeling- just the right atmosphere for the cafe. The location is perfect for the cafe's idea of "tribalizing" the cafe experience, introducing it to the area's exciting mix of residents- the hispanic families, home and apartment dwellers, the old-timer Filipino residents, the newly-transplanted Silver Lake and Los Feliz home owners, the high school students, the downtown employees and coworkers, etc.

Events are currently being scheduled for this year (click here to go to the Schedule Of Events page). Artists and performers are invited to contact the cafe to show their works and performances.

Come in for some of the best sandwiches, coffee, and juice drinks in town!


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